Wayne Alexander

Project Officer, FNF South Africa
Humans of Freedom Wayne Alexander picture

I am always drawn into debates and discussions to express the side of Freedom. Social media and in particular Facebook has been a tool for me to engage people on issues of the day but also to influence thinking. I am fairly personable in person and have a huge network of friends and very public in my work in the community and as a political activist.

My freedom loving nature mimic’s my father who was a lay preacher and was very liberal in his outlook and approach to life. Ideas of freedom were intrinsic to his being and he was one of the first gut liberals that I can remember. He never read political philosophy but lived the values that celebrated freedom.

My work allows me to communicate ideas around Freedom. My social profile is where I think I have most influenced people. I enjoy public debate and engagement. I befriend and engage people as honestly as possible who want to engage me even if our ideas are opposed.