Sandra Kouakou

CEO, Plaatine Communication
Humans of Freedom Sandra Kouakou

I grew up with a mother who raised me alone after my father's death. Brave and independent, she instilled in me the importance for a woman to be independent in a place where the cultural constraints do not allow women to express her full potential.

To reach women's empowerment and freedom, it is important to focus on access to education and vocational training in our countries which is very essential. Barriers must be removed for girls to access primary, secondary and higher education in order to get a job and then be financially independent otherwise they will remain under the yoke of poverty and be unable to emancipate themselves.

Today, I am an entrepreneur and a Human Rights defender with Amnesty International who had free access to education. Proud to be independent, it is with pleasure that I share experience with other women to inspire them and arouse their desire for financial independence. The more they know, the better they will take responsibility and act. 

Women have place to take and role to play in the development of their countries.

Sandra Kouakou, Ivory Coast

CEO Plaatine Communication