Salah El Ouadie

Head of "Damir - Mouvement Citoyen"
Humans of Freedom Salah El Ouadie Morocco

Who is more aware of freedom than someone who lost it while seeking it? 

Salah El Ouadie is the head of the movement’s name is « Damir », meaning “Consciousness”. The NGO is one of the FNF Morocco’s partners, since its inception in 2015. The Moroccan intellectual is known for being an activist, a man of letters and a former politician, still engaging in politics as representative of civil society.

Salah Al Ouadie was arrested and tortured in 1974. Sentenced to 20 years of prison, he stayed ten incarcerated, including 18 months in a secret custody place for being part of a secret organization calling for social justice and democracy, named « March 23rd », that was mainly anti-regime. 

In 2004, Salah El Ouadie took part in the Equity and Reconciliation Commission that was mandated by Mohammed VI, the first truth commission in the Arab World, the only one of a continued regime and the unique one where a son examines human rights violations of his own father.

El Ouadie’ « Letter to my torturer » in 1999, says : « It is a letter torn from silence, which boils down to a simple question: can freedom coexist with terror? ».