Said Farah


Similarly to most of the Lebanese, the date of March 14, 2005 was a turning point for me. You might think because I was able to take some inspiring pictures from the Cedar Revolution. Well, no. I did not even participate. I have stayed home upon my parent’s request who promised me to buy me 10k USD worth of photography equipment if I do not engage in protests. So, I shook on the deal … and this is how my professional career in photography started. 
I worked with a lot of politicians and political parties. But the experience I cherish the most is my work with FNF. I feel like I work with my family.  I also enjoy attending FNFs events where I get to explore different new topics and learn about interesting experiences happening around us. And funnily, sometimes I find myself answering the audience’s questions.  

I found my freedom in this field… a freedom that cannot be challenged by time. For me, photography is the freedom of framing opinions and archiving different sides of the truth.