Rasina Winfred Winnie Rasina

National Spokesperson & Head of Strategic Partnerships of the Botswana Movement for Democracy
Humans of Freedom Rachid Raha Rasina Winfred Winnie Rasina

Naturally as a liberal democrat, I find myself challenged by the political sphere in regard of human rights, especially where fundamental liberal views are concerned. My views, worldview, and outlook on life are primarily shaped through the things I am: a theatre practitioner, a media practitioner, a poet, a social commentator, a communications specialist, community development activist, and subsequently a politician. Through what I do, I have observed and preferred to use “theater as a tool for development” to attend mostly to gender issues. Of course, through this, I address the topics of gender inequality, disparity, and the plight of victims, and deliberately, purposefully and with full intention, address issues facing the LGBTQI community.