Rachid Raha

Member of World Amazigh Assembly
Humans of Freedom Rachid Raha

My father was a member of the Liberation Army, which was formed by the Amazighs and fought for the independence of Morocco. Therefore, I developed a close bond to my homeland and identity at a very early age. However, unfortunately, Independent Morocco started adapting the ways of Pan-Arab countries, which are often dictatorships rather than democracies in trying to build a common identity by exterminating linguistic and cultural diversities. In this way, the Amazigh identity was nearly erased through exclusion from central decisions of power and marginalization in socio-economic development.

This strengthened the need for us Amazighs to organize and create NGOs to defend our rights. An example of such an NGO is the World Amazigh Assembly which was launched in Morocco and gained credibility on the national level through the constitutional recognition of the Amazigh language in Morocco and on the international level through our participation in drafting policies on the respect of indigenous people. Undoubtedly, it is a process. Thus, the fight for freedom continues.