Oussama Abdellah Benhmida

Treasurer of Chantiers de la Citoyenneté & Entrepreneur

It is obvious for me that liberalism is the best way to achieve a certain independence, whether it’s from your family or the problems of society.

As a result, I have always believed that all human beings must be free in their economic and social actions and education is the main pillar of freedom. Of course, this principle influences my choices and has influenced my decision to create the coding school. Especially since I see my role as arming young people with tools so that they are free and responsible to choose and create their future.

The idea for this school had been on my mind for a very long time but was in an embryonic state. It’s simple: The best way to solve the problems of society is to create a model that encourages critical thinking and gives young people the opportunity to find a job quickly. Last year I attended a seminar on education’s crisis at the FNF’s International Leadership Academy (IAF) in Gummersbach, and I had a lot of discussions with international delegates that spared me weeks of thinking. After my return I met a likeminded liberal and together we launched our coding school.