Mustapha Orfali

Board Member and Project Coordinator at the Lebanese Economic Association

I grew up as an expat in Kuwait. At that time, I saw foreigners being treated as second class citizens and it helped me to realize how important foreigners are to a society. After I joined the university, the Syrian war began. Naturally, I found myself wanting to help people. The Syrian refugees that came by the millions were the ones that needed help the most. And, in my second year in university, I worked with two colleagues to start a UNICEF “Club” at my university. We started with small projects, around our community. By our second year we got the president’s approval for funding, and our community grew from 7 to 300 members; which all took part in the refugee aid program that we created. To me, the most important thing is to experience all that this world has to offer. In fact, my dream is to climb Mount Everest. I actually joined a gym three months ago to fulfill this dream. My goal is to do it within the next three years. I am also planning on climbing Mount Kilimanjaro this summer!"