Mookmethin Klannurak

Chief judge of the Office of the President of the Supreme Court, Thailand

I am a judge in court of justice and my work drives my interest in freedom. We, as humans, are born with responsibilities. You should be able to choose what you like to do, and you should not do things because you are forced to. Laws and regulations, if they are vague, can restrict people’s freedom. We have to promulgate clear laws and regulations, ensure that everyone is equal before the eyes of justice, to promote freedom. I am currently working on bail reform. In Thailand, detention during the legal process is compulsory to guarantee that the suspect does not get away. I want to reduce the gap between rich and the poor suspects. The court should allow suspects to be free from detention, until they are proven guilty. Poor people do not need to wait in prison, because they do not have the money to bail themselves out while waiting for the court’s decision.