Mohammad Saad

General Coordinator, Youth Sector – Future Movement
Humans of Freedom Mohammad Picture

If I go back 2 and a half years ago, this position [General Coordinator] would not have even occurred to me because I thought only the “important” and well-connected individuals can occupy these positions. I used to look at higher positions in the party and think “I would act differently if I was in their place.” Now, the only way I can feel like I am doing a good job is by looking back a few years, and asking myself “what would you have expected from this person?” and I do it. I started my work with the Future Movement because I believed that the late Rafik Hariri’s vision for Lebanon was in line with mine. I chose to be in this party at 17 years old. I started as an activist and remain to this day a volunteer in the party, and today I am an entirely different person.