Khin Sandar

Mobile Team Lead Developer, Green Way Agri-Livestock Mobile App
Khin sandar

I’ve been blessed enough to receive several opportunities in my life that have allowed me to become the person I am. I was blessed to attend public events in Yangon and some places in Myanmar, however even a simple opportunity to attend an event is not the same for everybody. Freedom to me is when every one in a country no matter the gender, the minority, the race or the class has the same equal opportunity presented to them whether it be their voice or a simple opportunity to attend a public communities event. For me, freedom is when we can go to community’s events and feel safe and talk about what we want to do in this community. However, in our country, we still struggle with some burdens concerning public community events. It is harmful to people’s voice and development of freedom to share good opportunities. We need people to be more free to share their thoughts and feelings in community’s affairs and from the community’s organization side we need transparency.