Khin Maung Shwe

Intercommunal Harmony and Religious Freedom Director
Humans of Freedom Khin Maung Shwe

Myanmar has been under internal armed conflicts for more than six decades as well as a long walk to freedom. Even though we are with, so-called, civilian government, the people of Myanmar are daring to speak out on political, economic and social issues because of so many restricted laws such as telecommunication law, electronic transaction law, and media law, etc. You need to utilize your experiences of how to solve problems as well as advocate for a change. You also need to open the gate to let people know their political, social, and economic rights without fear. So that in every generation people can truly understand value their freedom, dignity, and morality. That’s why I am now coordinating and cooperating with local CSOs and media outlets, to amend media laws and other restrictions that prohibit freedom of expression.