Jad Shahrour

Communications Officer at Samir Kassir Foundation
Humans of Freedom: Jad Shahrour

When you’re born and live in the Middle East, you’re born with a lot of conflicts. So you start asking questions. And you look for the answers you need. Going through this journey, in search of answers to these conflicts, you need to look for experiences and more information, so that you can really understand what is happening around you. And once you notice some problems or some conflicts, then you can start with little steps to think about solutions. One of the solutions is to raise awareness and advocate for letting people know their rights. Give them the power to express themselves. A major problem in the Middle East is that many people feel a sense of fear to express their freedom of speech because of politics or their economic situation. People fear to speak and express themselves. So what I’m doing is, encouraging people to say whatever they want, to express themselves about what is good or bad, to know what to do when there is a policy they don’t like. This is their right.