Humans of Freedom Africa

humans of Freedom Rachid Raha Rasina Winfred Winnie Rasina

Rasina Winfred Winnie Rasina, Botswana

Rasina Winfred Winnie Rasina
Humans of Freedom Anderson Ndambo

Anderson Ndambo, Tanzania

Head of Planning and Election at JUVICUF; Communication Officer at CUF Party
Nokholo Mhluzani Matshazi Humans of Freedom

Nokholo Mhluzani Matshazi, Zimbabwe 

Nokholo Mhluzani Matshazi
Humans of Freedom Sandra Kouakou

Sandra Kouakou, Ivory Coast 

CEO Plaatine Communication
Dirk Frey

Dirk Frey, Zimbabwe 

Activist in Zimbabwe

Phumzile van Damme, South Africa

Member of Parliament

Unathi Kwaza, South Africa

Humans of Freedom Wayne Alexander picture

Wayne Alexander, South Africa

FNF Project Officer