Fatima Zahra Akkif

Feminist and member of Citizenship Forum (CF)

Superman doesn’t exist. No man can ever fulfill your dreams. Your dreams are your responsibility! I encourage women to be independent and rely on themselves. I am a woman, yet I studied, worked, became independent and today I want to show my fellow women that it is possible – and how they can do it, too. Through their education, women can stand out. In order to create a better Morocco, it is necessary that men and women assume the same obligations and benefit from the same rights including in inheritance. That's why I'm a member of the Citizenship Forum (CF), a partner of the Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom. Even before joining, I was – and still am until today – in an association fighting violence against women. And passionate as I am, I did a master in gender studies. That’s when I understood that we must first defend human rights by an integrated approach. Only when I see women in a weak position or being discriminated, I pull out the red card of feminism to defend their rights.