Biak Hlei Sung

Partnership Coordinator, International IDEA
tu tu

Freedom is powerful. Unless it comes with responsibility, the impact can be harmful. That’s why most people especially taking the leading role in country level, organization level, family or even social clubs, are reluctant to create an environment of freedom for the people they are leading. But that does not necessarily means it should be controlled. Nowadays, the world is full of challenges that could endanger our humanity. We need people who can solve the contemporary challenges. Without freedom, there will be no new ideas, innovations and solutions to the current and future challenges the world is facing. And freedom should be introduced since the beginning of the human life. In Myanmar, democracy was just recently introduced in 2012. Before 2012, people lived under so many different kinds of restrictions, political, social, religious and economic, and so on. People lived under fear for decades. So, with the democratic transition, when freedom is partially introduced, sometimes I personally find it difficult how to practice and apply freedom in my daily life, which makes me lose some opportunities. It is very sad to see so many people in our country struggling to come out of decades-long rooted fear inside to enjoying freedom. So, freedom should already start from family and from the places people engage every day.  I myself am learning how to enjoy the freedom I have with a responsible mindset and actions.