Aung Shwe Oo

Program Director, Head of the CEP Program, Scholar Institute Myanmar
Auweng Sho Oo

Freedom is universally essential in every sense. For example, individuals enjoy working for their own ideas and innovations instead of being ordered around. They are actively involved in the implementation of the activities where they obtain opportunities to exercise their knowledge and authorities. For a society to be sustainably developed, people need to work freely in political, economic and social institutions, at least up to their merits per se. My experience with freedom could be called back in the days when I had studied my master’s in the Philippines for two years. At the Filipino University, I witnessed and enjoyed freedom of education in the country. It was quite similar to the garden with blooming flowers, when the university students and professors happily and freely exchanged ideas and learning points even beyond the curricular measures. That being said, freedom is necessary in every field of work.