Ali Baghdadi

Baghdadi Accounting and Auditing (BAA)
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I’m an auditor and LACPA member, my wife is also a LACAP member. We met on a conference on the 12th of February 2005. I wanted to get to know her instantly. I told my friend Ahmad to reach out to her. Two days later, Prime Minister Rafik Hariri was assassinated. There were protests every week. Two months passed before I was able to see her. The year after, we scheduled our wedding date scheduled for the 30th of July 2006. On the 12th of July, the war in Lebanon started. The entire country was destroyed. The whole month passed and we were watching people lose their lives and their families. We had initially planned for around 400 people to attend our wedding. The restaurant where we wanted to hold our wedding ceremony was in rubble. We then decided on the 17th of August to invite my parents and hers to the house and get married. Within the same month we were angry and scared and stressed and then finally happy. Every time I see someone who wants to do a big wedding, I beg them not to, I consider it all waste of money.

First of all we decided not to work together in one office, but life turned and she was definitely an added value to me and my team! Sometimes the office’s problems merge with our personal life, which I didn’t want from the beginning. We decided that in the end of the day I am the captain of the ship. I am with women’s right, especially of my wife. We now have three kids, we scheduled the pregnancies according to the seasons of taxation. I am not sure if I’d inherit my children the business.