Abdelali Mestour

President of the Citizenship Forum (CF)
Abdelali Mestour

Coexistence is what we have to endure in a societal complex. Just like the fish in the sea that seeks to survive by watching the cleanliness of the water it lives in. This analogy reminds us of the interactivity of citizenship as a concept; that combines law & obligation, the individual & the collective and the private & the public. In this respect citizenship can only be an inclusive progress that combines local, regional, national and global entities.

Consequently, the Citizenship Forum (CF) has become a space for consultation and discussion on many levels. We elaborated recommendations and work plans, from which we chose to focus on four areas.

1. Democratic education

2. Civil participation

3. Democratic participation

4. Societal and democratic debate in Morocco.

In this regard, in 2007 the Citizen Forum launched the hitherto largest public discussion with more than 37,000 young people. These engaged in more than 500 workshops resulting in concrete recommendations for youth participation and the inauguration of local youth councils.