Nawal Mdallaly

One of the biggest challenges for women in politics is that men have to step down for women to take up seats, and this, I think, will not happen without a women’s quota. When the quota was not passed...

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Nawal Mdallaly Humans of Freedom picture

Ali Baghdadi

I’m an auditor and LACPA member, my wife is also a LACAP member. We met on a conference on the 12th of February 2005. I wanted to get to know her instantly. I told my friend Ahmad to reach out to her...

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Natalia Menhall

One of the highlights of my career is a project I worked on in Saudi Arabia; it was about voter education and it came at a very historical time in Saudi. It was the first time women were granted the...

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Ayman Mhanna

There is something that shocks me in the region in general. When we discuss any issue related to freedom of expression – it is that we always have to respect the traditions and values of conservative...

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Khouloud AlKhatib

I have crafted my own identity that resembles my values of freedom and dignity. As part of the work with the Internal Security Forces (ISF), I get to make a change from within; a change that focuses...

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Mohammad Saad

If I go back 2 and a half years ago, this position [General Coordinator] would not have even occurred to me because I thought only the “important” and well-connected individuals can occupy these...

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Aisha Habli

I grew up in Saudi Arabia, and I loved growing up there. I had a great childhood, lived in a nice neighborhood and went to a good school. But you live in a safe, closed community and you don’t get to...

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Humans of Freedom Morocco

Humans of Freedom from FNF Morocco office!

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