Khin Maung Shwe

Myanmar has been under internal armed conflicts for more than six decades as well as a long walk to freedom. Even though we are with, so-called, civilian government, the people of Myanmar are daring...

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Humans of Freedom Khin Maung Shwe

Pimrapee Phanwichatikul

As a politician who works closely with people, I saw many forms of inequalities, including inequality to exercise their freedom and to access fair rules, regulations, and opportunities. I wanted to...

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Humans of Freedom Pimrapee Phanwichatikul

Jad Shahrour

When you’re born and live in the Middle East, you’re born with a lot of conflicts. So you start asking questions. And you look for the answers you need. Going through this journey, in search of...

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Humans of Freedom: Jad Shahrour

Sandra Kouakou

I grew up with a mother who raised me alone after my father's death. Brave and independent, she instilled in me the importance for a woman to be independent in a place where the cultural constraints...

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Humans of Freedom Sandra Kouakou

Celito Arlegue

I never thought that I would be involved in political work.  Being an introvert, my default mode is to keep my distance from people.  Hence, I used to believe that building an academic career would...

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Oussama Abdellah Benhmida

It is obvious for me that liberalism is the best way to achieve a certain independence, whether it’s from your family or the problems of society. As a result, I have always believed that all human...

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Cho Zin Myint

Freedom is the right to express our ideas, point of views and opinions freely. It means speaking, writing, and researching - but without intentionally harming other people’s existence, belief,...

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Cho Zin Myint

Dirk Frey

I am part of a generation that is standing up and waking up, firmly convinced that despite our various identities, we are bound by our common Zimbabweaness and are heirs to the original vision that...

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Dirk Frey

Christian Gultia

This is based on the quote that “None of us is truly free until all of us are free." I have always believed that true freedom will only be achieved if we empower each other. We cannot be truly free...

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Eugene Sensenig

Early on in life I understood freedom to mean unlimited opportunities and an absence of barriers to my personal rights. This was tempered by the classical-liberal consideration that my freedom...

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Eugene Sensenig-Dabbous