Humans of Freedom

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    Humans of Freedom

    Together with partners and friends, we defend freedom!

Campaign Description

You may have come across the work of the Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom around the world.

You may have heard of our dedication to making the foundation a creative platform for innovation aimed at enhancing the popularity of liberalism.

But what about the people behind all of this?

The Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom proudly launches the #HumansOfFrreedom campaign starting in Beirut and expanding to the world. It is a campaign that tells the human stories of all the individuals we work for and with by sharing their experiences in the community.

#HumansOfFreedom are individuals who once seemed like strangers on the busy streets of a big city or in small offices somewhere in the countryside - but today they are much more than that. They are part of a global platform for freedom and liberal values.

#HumansOfFreedom gives our audience a glimpse of the daily lives of the people who work at or with FNF on one of the many ongoing projects on human rights, conflict resolution, education, technology and social entrepreneurship.

#HumansOfFreedom explores freedom journeys in an up-close and personal manner and is inspired by the renowned Humans of New York blog.

Stay tuned to get to know the individuals who are part of our daily lives, and who contribute to making FNF the successful organization it is.

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